• Creating fuels and chemicals from waste instead of oil.

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  • What We Do

    We manufacture renewable fuels and green chemicals from waste rubber, using our proprietary innovative process.

    Mimergy recycles waste tyres into renewable fuels and sustainable chemicals.

    About Us

    Mimergy's innovative technology converts waste tyres (and other rubber products) into clean fuels and chemicals with greater sustainability than other technologies relying on crude oil.


    “We provide the global waste, fuels and chemicals markets with a more sustainable alternative.”
    Niall Mimnagh, CEO


    Mimergy enables our industrial customers to achieve sustainability by providing high quality fuel and chemical products made from waste instead of oil.



  • Our Technology

    An Innovative Thermochemical Process.

    Making fuel & chemicals from waste

    Our patentable technology breaks waste rubber down into its component parts using heat. Our continuous, containerised system converts the carbon molecules found in the rubber feedstock into gas, oil , carbon char & other chemicals.


    Our system has been carefully developed in order to maximise the economic value of our end-products. It operates on a continuous basis and requires relatively low temperatures, which dramatically reduces operating costs.

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to revolutionise how we deal with waste rubber.

    Mimergy CEO Niall Mimnagh receives Longford's 'Best Start Up' award at Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur competition.

    Niall Mimnagh

    Chief Executive Officer

    Niall is an engineer with a passion for sustainability. His technical expertise lies in the area of automated industrial system design and maintenance. Brought up in a business environment in the engineering industry, Niall has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has gained extensive business knowledge through his past ventures.

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